Rear Window

Things I learned watching Rear Window on the big screen: 1) The set builders used headers and stretchers in the brickwork, and varied the spacing on different buildings. 2)They used some broken bricks, but also smeared mortar to make bricks look broken. 3) Radios used to have tubes. 4)Miss Lonely Heart owned Noritake china. 5) Stewart had a 2 blue and a pink pair of pajamas. The pants leg above the cast was hemmed. There was a button hole in the lapel, but it was horizontal like a button hole, not parallel to the edge of the lapel like in a suit. This probably means a costume maker who was hadn’t made a suit. 6) Doyle’s suit had real working button holes in the sleeves. 7) People wore linen. Lots of linen. 8) Hitchcock appears as the man who attacks Miss Lonely Heart before her suicide. 9) Bakelite.

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